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Digital Solution for Industries

Web Nautical provides a wide range of solutions to a variety of industries. Please choose from specific industries in which area of your business.

  • Automotive

    Digital Solution for Automotive Industry

    Automobile industry is grappling with the market challenges to attain a sustainable growth by adopting the latest technologies. The evolving digital technology has a huge influence on how value chain collaboration, customer experience and internal operations will emerge in the near future and it is really booming with IT consulting services and we are focused on confirming these tasks. Using of IoT, cloud and mobile solutions, we help provide solutions of retail, sales force, maintenance, logistics including assisting your digital transformation through growths of business models.

  • Job

    Digital Solution for Job Industry

    By having an extensively analysis of the Job domain in job industry while identifying all the necessary agreements, Web Nautical provides better digital solutions for different companies to redefine and easy processes for various firms. So if you have a particular area of interest, there's a chance you can work in a suitable industry. Some of those job management software with many features and functions are: Accounting Management, Creative agencies, Architects, Building & Construction, Business consultants, Engineers & Surveyors, IT services & consultants using this software for their business purpose.

  • Real Estate

    Digital Solution for Real Estate Industry

    The realty sector comprises four sub sectors - housing, retail, hospitality, and commercial. The growth of this sector is well complemented by the growth of the corporate environment and the demand for office space as well as urban and semi-urban accommodations. And as according to competition people prefer to choose internet as medium for making research about real estate properties as well as for hospitality and commercial purposes. Many real estate agencies started adopting digital transformation to stay competitive in this stiff competitive market. Digital transformation is the solution that can help you to eliminate most of the barriers to growth. At Web Nautical, our team of experienced team can help you with rich knowledge and insights into real estate markets.

  • Hospitality

    Digital Solution for Hospitality Industry

    The arrival of mobile has been a massive game changer for the social and hospitality industries. Mobile devices are becoming a crucial part of people’s lives, and drastically changing how we communicate, shop, and travel. From staying connected via social media apps, to opting for mobile trip planning, booking, and support. Users want solutions in their pocket. The number of people accessing social networks on mobile devices are significantly dominating desktop or laptop logins. Massively popular social networks are becoming even more popular as mobile apps. And gobs new social media apps are gaining fans day by day. Compact technologies are also ideal for the fast-paced travel industry, allowing people to find and act on information spontaneously. We’re now accessing our travel plans via mobile more than ever before, with today’s travellers seeking mobile solutions for every aspect of their travel. From trip research and planning, to booking and check-in, to at-destination assistance – we’re increasingly going mobile.

    Our team of thinkers and creators have built topnotch mobile platforms for innovative social media, travel and hospitality companies. Some of those applications are Family Trip Networks, Go-Go Hotels and community safety applications.

  • Travel & Tourism

    Digital Solution for Travel & Tourism Industry

    Digitization is garnishing the cuisines and giving a quick start to the Hospitality & Tourism industry in a way that has never been achievable before. From digital menus to digital kitchens, the restaurants are going to be fully automated. With the application of advancements in technology you can book your dinner table, hotel rooms, air tickets and even a venue for your next get together, you can even choose your menu and bills through your mobile/tablet/laptop. WE at Web Nautical provide you solution for Hospitality and Tourism Industry as we understand that it is of absolute importance in service industry to provide world-class services to its customers.

  • Learning & Education

    Digital Solution for Learning & Education Industry

    Education is no longer confined to the four walls of a classroom. Mobile technology is revolutionizing the education criteria, making learning more accessible, affordable, interactive, and effective. As the explosion of mobile devices and telecommunications networks continues around the globe, there is huge potential for mobile learning.Developing a successful mobile learning application requires a comprehensive business, technology, digital, mobile, and education strategy.

    Web Nautical provides enterprise-class solutions to help companies and institutions flourish in the mobile education environment. Combining business and operational strategy, with innovative content, and latest mobile-learning technologies we have produced award-winning mobile learning tools.

  • Oil & Natural Gas

    Digital Solution for Oil & Natural Gas Industry

    There’s a challenging environment for oil and gas sectors because of the combination of the fluctuation of the low oil and gas prices.

    Now, oil and gas companies continuously improving their efficiency in order to operate profitably. At the same time, companies must maintain high standards for safety and environmental protection. In such a demanding environment, digital solutions are critical tools that can help create and maintain a strong competitive advantage.

  • Banking / Finance

    Digital Solution for Banking / Finance Industry

    In recent years, as Banking and Financial service sector has grown, companies started learning to automate their documentation scanning and verification processes along with creating superior data management capabilities in order to satisfy consent standards. Furthermore, banking and financial service companies are competing aggressively towards creating cost efficient services, which are accessible on web and mobile platforms because of that there is an undeniable need for creating an IT infrastructure which is capable of creating competitive advantage through data analytics, social media penetration, enterprise mobility, cloud data management, CRM and risk management.

  • Dating

    Digital Solution for Dating Industry

    It is a booming industry now a days and a best way of getting rid-off the stress, we do in our routine, is an undoubtedly the foremost concern and social networking and dating industry solutions. All existing social networking portals have the potential to convert a user into a customer and make their experience better to get references as well. For a business, that’s obviously a better way to convey their information directly to the audience and enhance their experience. While our hectic routine didn’t allow us to make contact and enjoy a social life, these kind of Social Networking and Dating Portal gives us an opportunity to enhance the social feel. Through dating portal development, a business can improve their reach, user attachment, direct connectivity, brand endorsement and conversions.

    At Web Nautical, we ensure our cortege about the quality and performance of our Social Networking apps and Dating Industry Solutions and make them feel the real behaviour of their audience through live versions.

  • Transport

    Digital Solution for Transport Industry

    In this increasingly globalized and urban world, transportation is more important than ever. Modern society requires traffic and transportation systems that are green, safe, efficient, and smooth. We provides convenient transportation through digital railway, digital urban rail, and smart airport solutions. We do utilization in the transportation industry to help customers offer optimal transportation services, make travel more convenient, improve logistics efficiency, ensure smooth urban traffic, and guarantee transportation safety.

  • Marketing

    Digital Solution for Marketing Industry

    Digital Marketing industry in the world is spreaded to almost all the business sectors now a days. Some of the applications of marketing are shopping, online payment systems and content management. The power of digital marketing allows all geophysical hurdles to disappear making all consumers and businesses on earth potential customers and suppliers. It is known for its ability to easily access and communicate between customers and suppliers at any time and from any place. So this industry all over the world is a booming career today with a rapid growth economy, it is expected to have a very high significant growth in Digital marketing career.

  • Government

    Digital Solution for Government Industry

    In today’s world government should be there 24*7, whenever the public needs to interact with the government or they have to carry out the transactions. Regarding that government agencies are moving towards a digital mode of thinking, designing new services and interactions digitally. All of this must be carried out while maintaining critical government systems, people’s private data and offering consistent and constant availability of service in parallel.

    We work with government to design new digital services, upgrade and enhance their existing technology platforms, along with supporting and maintaining their underlying, core legacy systems for improved flexibility and availability.

  • Media &

    Digital Solution for Media & Entertainment Industry

    The media and entertainment industry is one of the key focus areas for Web Nautical. We have well experienced and expertise in this domain.

    We provide prime solutions to media, entertainment, digital marketing, broadcasting, hosting, and casting companies. Our solution and services help companies achieve their business goals and reach business excellence irrespective of the economic and competitive environment. We also provide solutions and services using proprietary business frameworks and technology frameworks which reduces both the development time and cost. Our solutions improve performance, transform operations, innovate new ideas and help customers stay ahead of the competition.

    Web Nautical provides solutions for entertainment, broadcast, publishing and portal domain which are inclusive of services and support.

  • Manufacturing

    Digital Solution for Manufacturing Industry

    Our business solutions for manufacturing Industry is the best of industrial internet, IoT, and Advanced Analytics. We provide end-to-end solutions for enterprise-grade transformation programs such as process re-engineering, system migration, ERP & CRM implementations using industry standard products like SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite.

  • Public Sector

    Digital Solution for Public Sector Industry

    As the famous British director Tony Scott said: “This digitization is relentless and it won't stop and it's accelerating and it's changing everything, including government,"

    Digitization of everything is just as relevant and compelling for Local, State, and Federal Government agencies as it is in the private sector. In fact, the rapid adoption of digital technology in the commercial world is changing citizens’ expectation of how they should interact with their government’ and we deliver that services to our internal users and external constituents.

  • Lifestyle

    Digital Solution for Lifestyle Industry.

    Though lifestyle can mean a number of things with various clarification and usages, the basic meaning remains the same, i.e. the way a person lives. It includes various aspects of the person and gives a complete picture of the person and his habits and the overall way he lives. The arrival of internet created huge interest towards healthy living and the healthy lifestyle which is presently one of the most followed and studied things.

    We offer the most exclusive solutions for your lifestyle pages and more. We have made some of the most interesting and popular lifestyle apps. BMI app, or Lifestyle Tracker apps are some of the most interesting and utility apps, that are operable across a number of platforms. We offer all our expertise and services at the most affordable prices.

  • Business

    Digital Solution for Business Industry

    Business Industry is one of the ambitious industry, therefore companies are continuously looking forward to find digital solutions that would aid this industry in reducing effort and costing, focusing on increasing revenue. In today’s time, the primary focus of every brand is to ensure customer needs and satisfaction. For this we need to have an effective sales and marketing channels, with unique ideas and clear understanding of our target customer and the competitive landscape that will help to manufacturing industry to grow.

    By hitting those technologies like artificial intelligence, automation and robotics, IoT, chatbots and human-machine interaction, we are working on more simplified working that includes manufacturing value chain, from research and development, supply chain, and factory operations to marketing, sales, and service.

  • Healthcare & Fitness

    Digital Solution for Healthcare & Fitness Industry

    The merging of technology and the health and fitness industry is unequivocal. It has an enormous impact on every level of this industry. We made many applications regarding this - right from monitoring the heart-rate, tracking calories and activity, virtualizing fitness training to name a few. Mobility being a global phenomenon and social media accounts outweigh the billion user mark has also majorly aided in the renewed interest in health and fitness products and customers today want to share everything and even collaborate on their goals. New mobile wellness applications mushroom every other day.

  • Shopping

    Digital Solution for Shopping Industry

    Retailers are observing that web traffic is increasing day by day to their sites through mobile devices. There have been improvements and new innovations in technology to meet the increased demands of consumers to shop online and to provide the feedback regarding their purchase. And because of that, implementing mobile applications which are connected to back-end systems is going to be essential for retailers in terms of competition in the marketplace.

  • Sports

    Digital Solution for Sports Industry

    The global sports industry revenues are set to rising up and there is a huge scope of digital solutions at all levels.

    IT Industry will play a game changer role as it can remould the way sports are being practised, taught, played, managed, recorded, broadcasted and watched on multiple devices like televisions, computers and mobiles.

    At Web Nautical, we enable the sports industry to grasp information technology at all levels by developing custom software solutions, responsive sports website, mobile apps, Simulators, widgets, and many more.

  • Weather

    Digital Solution for Weather Industry

    We provides the complete solutions in the field of Weather and Environmental projects to the customer including site selections, whether forecasting, and Environmental Monitoring and long term maintenance. We do work as per the customer project need to provide a commercially and technically applicable solution. From a customer’s prospective we gives them value for their investment which makes project to be cost effective with prominent. The complexities involved in the observations systems require continuous maintenance and hence absolute solutions is the only option for best results.

  • Logistics

    Digital Solution for Logistics Industry

    Digital transformation has had a significant impact on the transportation and logistics industry. New technological devices enables logistics companies to provide mobile point-of-sale systems, track inventory digitally, and instantly reference checklists or communications.

    Web Nautical has invested in developing pioneering solutions for the transportation and logistics industry by providing IT services.

    We also offer transportation and logistics operations the much-needed visibility, decision support capability and automatic data capturing options required to improve the accuracy and speed of their operations.

    We caters to different business scenarios in a supply chain such as: Pre-pickup Visibility, Hub Management, Loading Integrity, Proof of Delivery(POD)

  • Social Networking

    Digital Solution for Social Networking Industry

    Social media refers to user-created content that is published and shared online. It is also the online technology that allows users to share content and communicate with one another. Social media has changed how we live our lives and affected how nearly every industry does business. People use social media to stay informed, compare and buy products, and keep in touch with family and friends. Companies also use social media to reach customers. Non-profits and government agencies use them to spread information about their programs and services.

    Web Nautical provides solutions for Social Networking industries and digital marketing.

  • Retail & E-commerce

    Digital Solution for Retail & E-commerce Industry

    Today’s consumers expect personalized offers and responsive buying experience whether they engage a business through a website or mobile device. Yet for many business-to-consumer companies, customer information remains isolated, making it difficult to gain a integrated view of the customer or present a unified company presence.

    E-commerce and Retail companies need to perform well in the highly dynamic environment with many challenges and emerging opportunities. Web Nautical assists in transformation from a simple ecommerce/retail company to omni channel service provider using effective solutions. Right from the supply chain process to social media analytics, Web Nautical provides a redefined digital solution for the organizational benefits and growth.

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