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01 : - About


Peace Tree Day, founded by Mitra Sen, was inspired during the making of the award-winning film The Peace Tree, she produced, wrote and directed. While filming Mitra realized that all the Festival of Lights including Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas had their r oots in one faith and that there needed to be a festival that shared the roots of every culture and faith. This would encourage families of all backgrounds to unite and interact as they explored the vibrant traditions of every culture and faith in order to create greater understanding and respect among all people.

02 : - Faced Challenges


The designs and creatives need to be displayed in a way where the user can compare easily.Easy backend so that the tech team with the client can easily update the upcoming events.Building a solution that users can easily relate to and interact with so many features included was a tough thing.


The team at Webnautical discussed the plausibilities with the client and curated a design where it was easy to showcase and attract the potential clients.after that The website was successfully deployed and is helping the client make great profit.

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