Ravi Sharma | 6 months ago

As Dexter Training Concepts strive to continue being New England’s leader in Personal Training, Dexter Training Concepts mission is to provide each and every client the ultimate experience in health and fitness.

Dexter Training Concepts (DTC) trains you with the proper intensity, to give you a safe and effective workout; allowing you to achieve results, all while keeping it fun and exciting. DTC individualized, one to one attention keeps clients from making the mistakes most people in the gym make. Mistakes like quantity over quality, because more does not equal better. Dexter Training Concepts experience allows us to establish attainable goals for you and then choose the correct exercises and rep ranges for your body type. Our knowledge also allows us to apply progressive resistance in the correct way to change your body. A stronger body has a faster metabolism, making your goal of a leaner, healthier you a reality.

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