Ravi Sharma | 2 months ago

Vetta Performance to help others turn into their best athletic self with the support of a community where both aspiring or elite athletes can train and grow together. Vetta Performance specialise mainly in OCR programs, however we offer fully customised training programs as well.
Vetta Performance programs are designed according to your needs, current fitness level and goals. In fact, many of  OCR friends started out as a complete newbie and grew their strength through the OCRs. After realising their interest in OCR, many went on to focus more on training and some even end up competing for fun.

Once you have selected a program most suited to your needs, you will be directed to the Athlete Information page to fill up a questionnaire. This questionnaire will help our head coach create a customised training program based on your current fitness level, schedule, needs and fitness goals. If you have any concerns, past/ current injuries, weaknesses, areas you wish to focus on or any other details big or small, this will be a great time to share with us. The more you share with us, the closer we will be able to match your program to your needs.

Join Vetta Performance and receive personalised training plans by head coach, Gabb. Together, he will work on fine-tuning your training plan according to your needs and progress to help you meet your fitness goals.

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